The Course

Where it takes place

The courses are held at the Stable Rooms (Education Centre) and adjoining Paddock at Wandlebury.
This is a peaceful open green space up on the Magog Hills in the surroundings of the Wandlebury Country Park.
Each course consists of up to 8 people. Most of the course will be inside undercover but you will need to come prepared with old shoes and warm clothing for treading the clay and feeding the oven.
You cannot realistically make an oven in one day, it is a layered process that required drying in-between.
On site there are two working ovens which will be used for making bread and cooking.
Courses are from £95 pp.

Book your place on one of these courses now – click here.


Courses start at 10am and will run though to about 4pm, depending on how the new oven goes.

10:00 Arrival with coffee and refreshments
10:30 Get started on how, why and where to build an oven.
11:00 Start building.
11:30 Finish initial construction and leave to set.
11:35 Move into the education centre at Wandlebury and start to make bread.
12:00 Leave bread to rise and start making pizzas.
12:30 Cook pizzas in the on site ovens.
13:00 Lunch – the pizzas we cooked and refreshments(provided).
14:00 Shape your loaves ready for baking.
14:15 Cut and fire the prepared oven.
14:30 Get the bread into the main ovens.
15:00 Tea and refreshments.
15:30 Leave with your own loaf, fully detailed booklet and great enthusiasm to build your own oven.

There are only 5 dates for 2014 and usually 6 people a course so – hurray


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