I already bake my own bread – so whats involved?

22 02 2010

Baking bread in a clay oven is basically the same. You will make your dough the same way and then shape it by hand (not in a tin).

Product of a days word - Yumm

Product of a days word - Yumm

  • The oven can take up to 2 hrs to get up to temperature so needs to be lit when you start making your bread.
  • There is a different temperature profile in a clay oven – high temp dropping off – so the loaves are best a little smaller than you would normally do them (about 290 grams dry weight).
  • The bread comes out a little earlier than normal and must be left to stand until cool – as it keeps cooking.

The great thing is – assuming you are organised – you then pop something else in (chicken, ham etc) and let it cook for upto 5 hrs as the oven cools down – fantastic.

It does take a little practice but then that is part of the fun.

If you are interested in attending a course then please go to The Real Clay Ovens Company for all details.




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